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When high schoolers finally make it to graduation, they are so filled with excitement, and the joy of finishing school, they probably don't even hear what's being said at their own graduation. At a time in their life, when they are so easily distracted, and so vitally need to hear and remember some lasting advice, a graduation video can bridge the gap.

So many adults find that it wasn't until they actually moved out of the house and into their own apartment, and when they had to be totally responsible for themselves, that they were ready and willing to listen to mom and dad's wise counsel. A graduation video is a way to share your love with them with something they will cherish for years to come. Maybe they won't care to watch it right after graduating, but you know that years later, they will long to see their friends as they remembered them.

Simply send a check for said amount to address above. Please designate which year and include delivery address. Include an additional $3.00 for shipping and handling, or send email or call to arrange a time to pick up your video.


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Archive Lansing graduations also available at this discount until June 30th!