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At EMCEE PRODUCTIONS we care about quality. We make every effort at maintaining the absolute best video quality at every stage of the process.

Artistic Flair - We have the equipment and the educational expertise and experience to know how to do it all properly. Care is taken to properly frame shots to look their best. We consider each aspect of shots taken with regard to lighting, balance, color, angle (height) fluid movement, and more. In the mixing stage, we can mix video, text and graphics, with multiple layers! Any combinations, any colors, any fonts. Digital wipes and effects all at your disposal for excellently blended video. And we know when too much is too much. Often other video production companies like to use tons of effects just to show off. Each occasion is mixed appropriately.

Camera Quality - Certainly, at the core of any production one must consider the quality of the cameras used. We currently use 2 different kinds of cameras. One, the Sony DCR-VX2000, a 3 chip, miniDV camera. It does exceptionally well! It fully rivals broadcast quality with approximately 530 lines of horizontal resolution - the same as broadcast TV!

Video Quality - Most of our editing is done non-linearly, and therefore, there is no signal strength loss or degradation since it is all done digitally! At EMCEE PRODUCTIONS we use quality video processors with specially patented black level indicators to ensure a quality video signal for linear mixing. Many don't know that if the black level signals are too low, they can affect the video sync signal which in turn can cause your picture to roll. We can also correct for low light levels or color mismatching during the mixing stage.

Audio Quality - In addition to recording audio on a normal audio track, we record stereo audio on the HI-FI track which is next to CD quality! We use a 14 channel studio mixer for in house blending. We use a dual channel wireless mic for optimum signal strength. Remember, technicians will always tell you, the closer the mic the better.

Editing Quality - We do some linear but mostly  non-linear editing. Some jobs require both. Our methods optimize quality balanced with time efficiency so your footage looks its very best at a reasonable cost.

Medium Storage Quality - We take special care to purchase never before used, professional grade videotape for all the video we shoot. Other may try to cut corners by purchasing recycled tape. Not us! We refuse to take chances! Any flawed tape will be replaced free of charge. Perhaps you want your video all done on CD or DVD. Just let us know. CD's hold only 700 mb while DVD's that we burn hold up to about 4.5 gb. (more than 5 times more) Remember, disc media is far more long lasting than videotape.

There are always specific details for each individual shoot. Some jobs require lighting, for the best quality, while some, like weddings and parties, have no room for putting up and taking down extra lighting. The last thing we want to do is to come and shine a bright light in your face and distract your wedding guests. These cameras will give you the picture clarity you desire, without the use of distracting lights.

We're Masters at Ceremonies!