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Transferring old movies make it so easy to watch those long lost movies or slides tucked away in the attic--where they'll never be seen! Get them in hand onto a videotape or a disc, with tastefully selected music to re-live those precious memories.

Many people think we only transfer to videotape. That's not true. We can also transfer whatever you may have to CD or DVD as well. Then you can watch it on your computer, or save special clips as files to email to a friend.

Remember all the fun times you had together with home movie transfers to videotape! Don't worry if the colors have aged. We can correct the colors and brighten dark scenes. Never worry about setting up that old screen and projector again!

We like to help you save money. So remember, the more organized your films, slides, videos or pictures are, the quicker we can do it for you.

If you want pictures transferred, put small consecutive numbers, lightly on the back of each one. This way, even if they get scrambled up in transport, they won't be out of order on your video! The same with your slides, and film boxes.

Here's an easy and a fun thing to do to make your final product more interesting. Let us first send all your films onto to view. While you watch it, sit down with everyone in the family and record everyone's comments and laughter. Send us your recorded voices and comments and let us add your own personalized commentary and some music for a dynamite home video that everyone is sure to be blessed with!


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Click to download a sample storyboard for organizing your films or slides. This method increases productivity and communication when planning your video transfer.

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