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A professionally recorded wedding video is a priceless commodity! It will bring fondest memories of that special day, like nothing else can. Not even photos compare! Dollar for dollar, a video is the way to go! All our shooting is done as inconspicously as possible. Some clients have told us that they didn't even see us.

Anyone can buy a camcorder, but operating it professionally is very difficult for the unexperienced. You wouldn't ride a bike for the first time and expect to do so effortlessly and flowingly and as a presentation to others. The same is true of videotaping. It takes years of experience and sensitivity to each situation, not to mention all the technical adjustments for optimum results! We'll even print stills from any video footage you choose if you wish.

Call us and put your worries to rest! We use high quality equipment to gather all the happenings of your special day. For more details, go to the technical page on our site.

All our ceremonies are shot with up to 3 operated cameras for exceptional quality, and at no extra cost to you. Remember this, at a ceremony, you can never have too much footage since it happens only once. When it's over, there's no going back for another angle later on.

At EMCEE PRODUCTIONS, we have experience to give you the very best possible footage! Who knows, it may rekindle that flame in your marriage, years after the bouquet is tossed. Treasure moment for years to come with a custom made video, beautifully tailored to suit your personal tastes.

We're Masters at Ceremonies!



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(no audio here for copyright reasons) Also please note final videos are higher resolution!

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